Price: $2,500 2500 $ Price is negotiable
Created date 08-11-2022
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Roseville NSW, Australia

Arjo Sara 3000 Sit To Stand Hoist


  • A mobile, battery-powered patient lifter that brings a person from sitting to a supported standing position
  • The sling attaches to the hoist using keyhole fittings and the mast has two handles designed for the occupant to hold
  • There are two separate knee supports and a fixed footplate
  • Controls are operated electrically
  • Powered standing and raising aid, designed to promote mobility maintenance and standing exercise for the resident/patient 
  • Large handles allow residents/patients to adjust their grip for comfort and security 
  • Safe working load 200 kg 
  • Powered opening and closing of chassis
  • Active kneepad with individual leg support 
  • Pick up preferred

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