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Created date 11-01-2023


Penrith NSW, Australia

Ruby King + Mattress – Alternating Pressure


Ruby King Plus Mattress – Alternating Pressure

  • Pressure care mattresses for people at high risk of pressure areas or existing ulcers.
  • Micro Air LOass Technology allows constant and equal air distribution.
  • Twin-Cell Design allows the top half to provide 3-to-1 alternation therapy while the bottom half offers a constant static mode for stability.
  • Adjustable Comfort, 6 levels for different weight ranges of people.
  • Batter backup.
  • Double insulation provides near-silent operation of the pump.
  • Auto alarm offers audio and visual alarms in the event of a power failure.
  • CPR Quick-Release Value (deflates the torso section of the mattress in under 30 seconds in the event of medical emergencies that require CPR.
  • Purchase price $4,290.70 in May 2022.
  • Working perfectly as new.
  • Any questions 0490186123

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