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MOLIFT Portable Hoist - Brand New- includes slings and travel bag.
  • The Molift Smart 150 has been awarded for Design Excellence in Europe.
  • It is ideally suited for use in-home care, for travelling, or to be easily stored.
  • A portable patient lifter with safe and comfortable transfers.
  • A lifting range of 27 to 168cms provides an excellent maximum lifting height and, at the same time, gets low enough to facilitate lifting from the floor.
  • 4-point sling suspension is standard and guarantees the patient hoist gives a comfortable lifting position for the user with ample space around the head.
  • Molift Smart 150 has a unique design with an excellent centre of balance and, together with the small footprint, makes it easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces.
  • The unit includes a Molift Battery and Molift Battery Charger.
  • Available also is the Molift Smart Soft Travel case.
  • It is ideal for use when travelling, transporting or storing the Smart 150.
  • For aeroplane travel and other situations when bulk stowage is required, the Molift Smart Hard Travel Case is a suitable option.
  • Both cases are sold separately.
  • Features 4-point suspension Standard 4-point suspension ensures a comfortable and more spacious lifting position for the user.
  • Lifts easily from the floor Molift Smart has a large lifting span that allows lifting from the floor as well as high surfaces.
  • Folds and unfolds easily Molift Smart folds and unfolds easily without using any tools and can be separated into two parts, where the heaviest part weighs only 13kg.
  • This Item is in New Condition.



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