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Air Comfort Deluxe Bd V2 alternating mattress


Novis Brand Air Comfort Deluxe Bd V2 alternating mattress

  • This is a very good chair, and bed combination that is practically brand new.
  • We bought it for my mum because we wanted a chair that she could also sleep in that had an air mattress to avoid pressure sores.
  • This chair plugs in and can recharge while being used, but is easy to simply unplug and can be wheeled around so the user can be in different locations.
  • Large castors for easy wheeling.
  • It has had one month of use and is in perfect condition. 
  • It is comfortable for sleeping and sitting and the air mattress can be adjusted according to the user's weight, and medical advice.
  • The fabric can simply be wiped down very easily and dries quickly.
  • The side wings and arms flip down so it's very easy to do transfers.
  • The adjustments for lying down, tilting and putting up the legs for support are manual and very simple.
  • We chose this rather than the electronic model because it's better for transfers as the leg section folds back to a right angle.
  • The manufacturer's description is:
    • Unparalleled pressure redistribution and adjustable positioning
    • Airgonomic seating system with four air cells for immersion and cushioning
    • Adjustable seat tilt, backrest recline, and raising leg rest
    • Optional forward seat tilt for improved access
    • Adjustable wings and arms for improved access and transfers
  • We are hoping to find a good home for it!
  • We paid 6,890, we are hoping to recoup something.

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