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Personal Alarm - My favourite thing for my safety.

Personal Life Alarm

  • Best thing I've ever bought and received as a present.
  • Not wanted any more.
  • Only need to ring Life Alarm and they will activate it for you and tell you how to add contact phone numbers.
  • You can tell them who you got it off they are such a nice Aussie owned business.
  • Cost $40 (may have gone up to $60) with Telstra per year.
  • I loved this as it has its own phone number and my family and friends could ring me on it instead of using a mobile phone.
  • It comes with a neck strap, wrist band to use like a watch, recharge station, charging cord, instruction book, cloth to wipe when it gets wet as it is water resistant.
  • Still works when in charge station but the wearer must be able to reach it.
  • All I had to do was push the button and speak.
  • When I fall it automatically rings the 1st contact number, then continues ringing down the list of phone numbers to 000 for ambulance, police or fire.
  • I speak to the people without touching the unit.
  • Full instructions are with it but the people from Life Alarms are wonderful and when I've rung them because I had a question they were patient and made sure I understood what they were telling me.
  • Unfortunately my family bought me a 2nd one so I'm asking $100 (cost new was $400) to pay them back a little.



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