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Created date 12-04-2022


Rockhampton QLD, Australia

Action Heel and Elbow Pads -Atkton gel - pair


Action Heel and Elbow Pads -Atkton gel - pair

  • Product # 20401
  • Made of Akton Viscoelastic Polymer by Action Products Inc
  • It looks and feels like a gel and won't leak, flow or absorb fluids or bottom out
  • Reduces the risk of pressure ulcers by reducing shear that may affect skin integrity
  • Use when pressure on heel or elbow for sustained periods, e.g. sleeping
  • Easy to clean with standard disinfectant or mild detergent
  • Sealed by waterproof film and secured in place with soft adjustable velcro
  • Arrows inside show which direction toes/fingers go
  • These are quite heavy, which helps keep the heel or elbow in place
  • The heel goes into the inside corner, and the gel strap goes over the ankle and velcros into place
  • Used several times, in good condition. 

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