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Motorised off-road, adjustable attachment for manual wheelchairs
  • Freedom Trax is a motorised/powered off-road attachment for manual wheelchairs
  • Very portable and able to fit a range of manual wheelchair sizes
  • A great option to allow manual wheelchair users access to the beach
  • The wheelchair off-road attachment uses the same type of technology that tanks use – rather than wheels, which are more likely to sink into the ground, it is equipped with a more versatile track system to glide over obstacles 
  • These unique tracks allow you to traverse ground conditions such as sand, snow, trails, grass, wood chips, gravel, cobblestone, ice and more
  • Freedom Trax can tackle an incline and power through soft soil to get you where you want to go
    • Long-range PRO Lithium-ion battery
    • Next-gen joystick controlled (clamps onto wheelchair arm)
    • Adjustable for wheel widths between 18”-26” so you can modify as often as you update a wheelchair in excellent condition
  • RRP is more than $14K
  • Check out the Freedom Trax website for full details and VIDEOS of the Freedom Trax in action
  • Only weighs approx 35kg and fits in a standard car boot, making it a great portable option for travel where some offroad areas might be encountered
  • Comes with a charger



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