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Whill Model C Zero Steer Wheelchair

Whill Model C Electric Wheelchair

  • This chair is only 2 years old and only driven to church on Sundays by a little old lady.
  • That is not entirely true, she did go to church on it, but she went everywhere on it and being zero turns it is especially good in tight areas around the home and in shopping centres.
  • The chair is the slim version of the two, as my mother was small, saying that it would also suit a child.
  • Saying that I am over 100kg and I can sit in it comfortably, I know as I gave it a whirl.
  • It travels very well on roads and footpaths, even the bad ones that seem to be in every neighbourhood. 
  • There is a carrying tray underneath and two tubes on the back for umbrellas, walking sticks etc.
  • The chair breaks down into manageable pieces in size and weight and can be adjusted to suit the user. 
  • Yes, it isn't cheap, it cost over $7000 new, but it is in excellent condition and very easy to use.



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