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Mobility Scooter Solax Genie+ Automatic folding and Hercules Hoist.

Mobility Scooter Solax Genie+ and Hoist

  • This Mobility scooter folds and unfolds automatically taking up minimum storage space and allowing it to fit into the boot of a car.
  • The Hercules hoist will lift the 25kg scooter so that it can be easily swung into the boot.
  • The hoist then can be collapsed to also fit in the boot.
  • General features and benefits of scooter:
    • The frame is made from light weigh aluminium alloy which is strong and durable
    • Simple operating features. The scooter can be folded and unfolded manually without the use of specific tools
    • Folds into a compact size for easy storage or when taken on public transport 
    • Compact and portable
    • Easy access to battery compartment when storing for long periods
    • Ergonomic seat and adjustable steering column for a comfortable ride
    • 6-inch solid front tyres and 7-inch solid rear tyres
    • Slow start for smooth driving
    • Weather-resistant gloss finish
    • Specifications of Scooter:
    • Overall length 0.95m (37.4in); Overall Width 0.45m (18.1in)
    • Maximum speed 6km/h
    • Safe gradient 13” – designed to be ridden on flat or nearly flat surfaces mainly cement or asphalt.
    • Range up to 15km      Turning circle 1.55m
    • Weight 25kg approx.  Capacity approx 130kg
    • Seat width 0.43m (17in)        Seat height from the ground 0.56m (22in)
    • Battery Power type / Li-ion battery 24V10AH
    • Motor 24V  120W
  • Manuals for both the scooter and Hercules Hoist included



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