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Fantastic first power wheelchair for children, in excellent condition!

Permobil Koala Power Wheelchair 

  • My son's cobalt blue Permobil Koala needs a new home!
  • Received mid-2020, and he has now transitioned into a larger, more multi-functional powerchair, as he uses complex AAC to communicate.
  • My son used this comfortably up until nearly 8 years old.
  • There really couldn’t be a more perfect first-power wheelchair.
  • It is designed particularly for a very little person, and it has a bumper bar, and parental/ carer stop/ start remote.
  • Comes with a battery charger, and any parts and tools I can find that go with it.
  • A few bumps and scratches from use and learning, but we took excellent care of it, as it was essentially his legs for several years!
  • Before you ask/criticise, this was not an NDIS-funded item, this was paid for out of pocket.
  • We paid around $10,000 new for it I believe.
  • Hoping this may help another little person gain mobility/ independence, that isn’t lucky enough to have funding in Australia or is after a cheaper/ less complicated alternative than going through the NDIS.
  • Happy to assist with freight/ transport if needed.



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Emily Greig



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