Illustrated graphic of man breaching security measures on a computer and attempting to perform a scam.

Avoiding Online Scams

We have compiled a quick guide to common classified scams to help you be safe and confident when buying and selling online with eBility. 

A blind man with can holds up his smart phone for an aira agent to assist him with the obstacles.

What is Aira?

Aira is a live and on-demand visual interpretation service for people who are blind or with low vision. You can download and start using it straight away on your smart device!

a woman placing a clamp on pot stirrer over a pot

Stop stirring the pot

A handy gadget in the kitchen to try is the auto stirrer. It's also called a pot-stirrer, gourmet stirrer, saucepan stirrer or a handsfree stirrer.

Man sitting in modified vehicle with hand controls on the steering wheel.

Achieve your Driving Goals

Driving is a symbol of independence, and personal identity and allows increased mobility options for work and social activities.1