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Image of man with disability in a wheelchair with a laptop open in front of him.

Tech Tools To Help People With Disabilities Navigate The Web

Sometimes, people without a disability forget how easy it is to use a mouse and keyboard when on the web. When you have accessibility needs though, the web can be a very difficult and confusing place.

Web accessibility has been a major concern since the birth of the web. But, with modern technology advancing, web accessibility is getting more attention. There is now plenty of new software and equipment available to help people with disabilities use the web.

Here are some of the most common types of assistive technology devices available:

Adaptive keyboards

There are keyboards for sale designed for someone with accessibility needs.  These keyboards help fix the typing position for your hands and wrists, so you don't feel any pain. Helpikeys are a customisable adaptive keyboard designed for people with motor difficulties. This keyboard is also beneficial for those with visual or cognitive impairments.

Head pointers

These are devices that use your head movements to control the movement of your mouse. A regular head pointer has a special camera that sits on your computer or laptop screen. Its software uses reflective dots to convert your head or finger movements to use the mouse.

Sip-and-puff Switches

This device allows users to operate a computer by inhaling and exhaling small puffs of air. It works by the computer interface scanning the screen. When you want to interact with the site, you can "click" by breathing in or out, depending on your preference.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ACC) Tools

There are a large number of tools to help people who are non-verbal or have speech impediments or problems. Types of ACC devices include output communication aids, also known as speech-generating devices. These devices help users to communicate with others by allowing them to play pre-recorded phrases or words with the touch of a button, giving them a voice and allowing them to speak with others.

Where To Buy Assistive Technology Devices

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