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A Guide to Bathroom Aids

When it comes to doing daily tasks, it’s crucial to ensure that, whatever your physical abilities, you feel secure and independent. 

Nowadays, there are many mobility aids designed to assist you in every part of your life. With falls being a common reason for accidents, mobility aids are invaluable tools to enhance independence and safety, particularly in the bathroom. At eBility, we recognise the importance of bathroom aids, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the essential mobility aids in a bathroom environment:

Bath Lift

A regular bath can be difficult for people with some types of physical disabilities, including spinal cord injuries and age-related disabilities. A bath lift helps people get in and out of the bath with an electric mechanism attached to the wall. With a push of a button, the lift can lower and lift you in and out of the tub. Bath lifts reduce the need for or enhance the safety of carer assistance. Bath lifts come in different weight capacities and have options for different speeds.

Safety Railing

A grab bar or handrail is a significant and straightforward home modification to install for those opting or needing to use a shower. Ideal for those who need support while standing up or moving in and out of the shower, the sturdy material offers users something to hold onto and aids in preventing falls. Handrails are better suited for people who have upper body strength but may have mobility or balance problems.

Shower Seating

If you’re someone who struggles balancing in the shower or lack the energy to stand for long periods, a shower seat is a perfect addition to your bathroom. Shower seats can take the form of traditional chairs with a backseat or a bench-type seat with handles. Shower seats are secured in place by rubber-tipped feet to prevent any sliding.

Non-slip Bathmats

With slipping being one of the most common causes of accidents, we recommend investing in a non-slip bathmat. Non-slip bathmats work by suctioning onto the bath’s surface or the floor of the shower space, reducing the risk of injury as you lower yourself in or move to hop out.

Hand-Held Shower 

Getting in and out of a bath can be too much effort for many people with mobility challenges. Having a hand-held shower is an easy solution to clean every area while sitting down or in a safe and comfortable standing position.

Shower and Toilet Commode

A shower commode is a portable chair with an open seat that can be used in the shower or positioned over the toilet. Commodes assist people who have difficulty using the toilet or standing for an extended time in the shower. It can help people with a range of mobility issues, from people with spinal cord injuries to age-related mobility issues. 

 Making A Safe Bathroom Environment

There is a variety of equipment available to help you in the bathroom. From bathing to sitting down, and comfort, bathing aids come in different forms to ensure they make life easier for you. So, when choosing the right equipment, it’s important to find ones suited for your needs. Consider the equipment’s durability and strength.

At eBility, we recognise the importance of gaining one’s independence. We offer a vast range of disability aid, equipment and accessible vehicles. With over 20 years of experience connecting buyers and sellers of all things disability, we’re Australia’s leading accessible classifieds site with a long and respected history.

Please have a browse at some of the aids and equipment currently for sale on our classifieds. If you’re looking for anything specific or thinking of selling a piece of equipment, feel free to get in touch with one of eBility’s friendly staff members today.