Price: $2,000 2000 $ Price is negotiable
Created date 24-05-2023
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Brisbane City QLD, Australia

Air-Lo 8 Alternating Mattress


Air-Lo 8 Alternating Mattress

  • The Air-Lo 8 Alternating Mattress Replacement leads the field.
  • Affordable prevention of pressure areas and skin breakdowns.
  • It’s a compact, powerful yet almost silent control unit.
  • Can quickly support patient loads of up to 200 kg.
  • Alternately allowing pressure to be released across the body.
  • A static head section eliminates patient dizziness and disorientation. 
  • 20 pure TPU transverse air cells alternate.
  • Provides maximum comfort prevention and therapy. 
  • The high-quality two-way stretch top cover is fully welded. 
  • Can be high-temperature washed for total infection control. 
  • All waterfalls are turned and welded for maximum infection control. 
  • High capacity yet unobtrusive side CPR release gives maximum safety. 
  • The medical Grade Power cord is inside the mattress to reduce trip hazards. 
  • Only $2,000 ONO, less than half the retail value. 
  • View in Brisbane City with Free Undercover Parking

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