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Invacare Hospital Bed with Pressure Mattress Ghost Ad


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Invacare hospital bed with Premium 8 Alternating Pressure Mattress

Invacare Hospital Bed with Pressure Mattress

  • Bed in excellent working condition.
  • The Etude Plus care bed's attractive aesthetics, flexible design and easy handling are ideal for homecare use.
  • All the hallmarks and proven features of the popular Etude concept, such as sturdiness, ease of handling and durability, are very much present in this new version.
  • Etude Plus is easy to transport and install in the home.
  • The bed can be easily assembled, dismantled, and used with a transport adaptor without compromising client comfort or safety.
  • This bed includes the Invacare 8 alternating-pressure air mattress.
  • Slight peeling to the mattress's cover from use, however, does not affect the use of the mattress as it will be used with sheets and blankets covering this.
  • The Active Air 8 is a dynamic mattress replacement suitable for users at “High Risk” of Pressure Injury. Featuring AutoDetect and AutoProtect, together with Cell-In-
  • Cell technology, the Active Air 8 provides the highest levels of care in Acute and Long Term care environments.
  • The Active Air 8’s innovative features ensure the lowest interface pressures with an easy-to-use digital pump.
  • Digital Pump -The Easy-to-read LCD screen provides clear and precise information on cycle time, operating mode and fault codes to assist with troubleshooting
  • AutoLock – The control panel automatically locks after 30 seconds, preventing accidental mode changes
  • AutoDetect – Based on the user’s weight and size, appropriate pressure output is automatically set, ensuring optimal care and protection
  • AutoProtect – When the head of the bed is raised to 45º or more, air pressure automatically increases to prevent bottoming out.
  • Continuous Low Pressure (CLP) – This mode increases user immersion and envelopment when activated.
  • 24hr Transport Mode – In the event of a power failure, this feature provides a security buffer allowing patients to remain on an inflated surface until power is
  • restored.
  • Sleep Quality – Innovative pump technology reduces noise and vibration for a quieter sleep environment.
  • Infection Control – Welded seams and zip protection prevent fluid and bacterial ingress into the system.
  • Skin Microclimate – The multi-stretch cover reduces shear and offers a high Moisture Vapour transfer rate (MVTR).
  • Pressure Care Outcomes – Intelligent cell design maximises the duration of pressure reduction in the alternation cycle Buyer to arrange transport. 
  • Priced for a quick sale.



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