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Wonderspex Seating System & Stroller Ghost Ad


Children's Equipment

Multi function seating system and stroller for ages 1-5. Fully adjustable.

Wonderspex Seating System and Stroller

  • Wonderspex Seating System & Stroller is a mobility aid & movable seating system on wheels.
  • It is both for home & a mobility stroller for going out.
  • Fully adjustable throughout.
  • Ages 1-5 approx.
  • Pelvic cushioning can be changed or added,
  • Head support and armrests also. 
  • Hood for the stroller. 
  • Come with all parts and two different frames.
  • The seat can be angled, and the table comes off. 
  • Still under warranty; ordered last year and only sat in a couple of times. Never taken out. 
  • I would love to see a child who needs it access it quickly, as ours waited a long time and then improved beyond requiring it. 
  • A receipt for NDIS can be produced for you. 



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Anna Henderson



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