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Image of two men in wheelchairs amongst the crowd at an outdoor festival.

Hosting Inclusive Events: A Guide For Accessible Event Planning

From festivals, work parties, or meetings these events should be accessible to everyone. No matter how big or small, everyone should be able to take part. If you’re wanting to plan an accessible event, remember to always ask your attendees about their unique needs: never assume. 

What are accessible events?

Event accessibility is more than physical limitations.  Events should offer services and facilities that help people with disabilities. Not only is accessibility required by law, but a lot of people in Australia are living with a disability. They should not feel left out from experiencing social events or making memories.

Here are some ways to plan more accessible events for people with disabilities:


All venues should be usable by everyone. This includes hotels, elevators, and conference rooms. When choosing a venue, look at the main entrances and surrounding areas. Ensure there are ramps, clear paths and wide doors.


When inviting guests, ask about their needs and preferences. You can do this by adding it to the invitation. We also recommend outlining any accessibility features the venue may have. Also, make the RSVP process as easy as possible. Offer different ways for people to respond to your event.


Remember to use clear, simple language. Use internationally recognised symbols and put signs where they are visible. Don't forget about alternate ways of communication like braille or tactile signage.

If the event includes a live performance, think about the different ways people hear and see. Consider the inclusion of an Auslan interpreter or live captions.

Strong Marketing

If the event you're hosting is accessible, don't forget to let everyone know! Show people with disability and mobility limitations that you've done the research. If your event has a website, provide a detailed list of accessible features and services.

There are plenty more ways to make an event more accessible. Everyone plays a role to ensure an event is inclusive for people with disabilities.  If you need more help, IDEAS can partner with you to ensure your events are accessible and inclusive for all!

Accessible Aids

If you're looking for a specific mobility aid for your next event, eBility is here to help! We're here to make it easier and quicker for people with disabilities to find new or used products. We're your one-stop accessible marketplace for all disability equipment, assistive technology and more.

Or if you are wanting to sell and aren't sure where to start, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!