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Image of young boy in electric wheelchair and his parents beside an accessible vehicle with a wheelchair ramp extended out of the boot onto the ground.

Mobility Friendly Car Accessories

Whether you are a driver or passenger, cars should be accessible for everyone. They are for shopping, joining events and visiting loved ones, mobility cars help people with disabilities stay in touch with people and places. 

Assist Bar and Straps

Assist bars are small “L-shaped” devices used as portable vehicle support grabs or transfer aids. They only weigh about 2 pounds and are small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. They are easy to carry from car to car and used on either side of a vehicle.

To use the assist bar, put the short part of the "L" into the U-shape latch of the doorjamb. This leaves a padded area sticking out as a grab handle to help a person raise or lower into the vehicle.

An assist strap is wrapped around the window frame of a car door. It has a wide handle that users can grasp and pull on to help them out of a car. 

Transfer Boards

If you're a wheelchair user, it can be a challenge to get from your car seat to your chair. Transfer boards fit around the arm of your wheelchair to help you transfer yourself. They are lightweight and come in different shapes to help you find the best one that fits your body type and needs.

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps can be expensive, but they are essential if you use a wheelchair or scooter.  There are two main types of wheelchair car ramps to choose from:

In-floor ramps

This ramp can retract back from the car when not in use. It's folded under your car's floor and doesn't block entry for other people.

Fold Out Ramps

This ramp folds upright when kept and can make it a little difficult for other passengers to enter the car. Some designs are also lightweight and fold up, making them portable and easier to use.


If you have back pains, you might want to buy a backrest designed to specifically support your spine.  Many backrests for cars come with straps that you can adjust so they are the perfect size when you put them on. Some of these backrests also have sides shaped like a letter "U" to hold your muscles when they are too tight. This will help your posture and make it less painful to sit in the car.

Turny Seat

Turney seats help wheelchair users get into their car using a handheld remote. Users can sit in the car seat outside and then move inside with minimal hand or foot movement. They suit all types of vehicles too! Turny seats offer you a lot of independence when travelling. They are also customisable for your specific needs.

Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles make a massive difference in wheelchair users' lives. Having an accessible vehicle offers freedom and independence for individuals and their families. 

At eBility, we have a vast selection of customised mobility cars and carriers. Our cars are designed around the needs of people with low mobility, so they can travel safely. 

If you’re still stuck and unsure about which of these mobility aids are suitable for you, get in contact with us today! Our team will talk you through our aids and help you find the right one for you.

If you’re after other disability aids and equipment, have a browse at what we have for sale. If there’s something specific or if you’re considering a piece of equipment. feel free to get in touch with one of eBility’s friendly staff members today.